Judicial Software Development Company USA

About Us 

We are here to serve you the overall judicial software development services and provide the best possible solutions. As we know that the judicial (legal) industry is complicated in nature as it is brimmed with numerous rules, regulations, and interpretations. There are multifaceted procedures having different activities that include billings, legal research document reviews, and assembly. And handling these issues becomes hectic and take a lot of lawyers' time and high fees have to be paid by the clients too. These hassles also need to be resolved quickly and in a lenient manner. And here IT helps the Judicial industry to tackle these obstacles. Proud technologies understand these situations and the market as well. Thus, we focus on providing productive legal services to cope up with the intensive competition through our consistent and bug-free platform experience.

We possess expertise in structuring cutting-edge software solutions for the judicial industry and offer customer satisfaction and lower expenses. We hold a prominent place as one of the leading offshore and custom judicial software development companies providing impeccable services to legal firms and solving their challenges related to business problems increasing their productivity and providing a competitive advantage. We are also well-versed in handling mobile technologies and developing judicial apps for both iOS and Android.

Services We Provide

Law Firm Management Software

Based on your organizational needs, we offer custom attorney practice management software, virtual law office systems, and case management adorned with top-notch end features such as cloud-based platforms, mobile applications, data reports, accommodated user interfaces, client communication, and so on.

Judicial Records Management System

We provide automated web-based solutions with secured data storage, data handling, and dynamic report generation features to simplify overall operations and waiver disputes.

Litigation Hold Software

We create effective legal hold soft tools compatible with data preservation and allow easy automation of e-discovery, tracking compliance, and triggering automated data collections.

Virtual Law Firm Solutions

Our virtual law firm solutions allow you to experience efficient user and client portals, task management systems, collaboration tools, web and video conferencing, and many more.

Judicial Software maintenance solutions

Our competent technical support renders excellent software management services and support to troubleshoot any problems hurdling your way of operations.

Law Firm Software Integration

We develop case management platforms consisting of legal research databases and technologies and program data capture features too.

Legal Case Management Software

Our legal case management software consists of matter management applications, automated workflows, applicable case matter filing processes, database research, sharing functions, file attachments, and a lot more to accumulate all the complex data and simplify the interactions with your clients.

Courtroom Technology Modules

Our team of experts focuses on developing courtroom technology modules for jury management, warrant tracking, and case history with predictive analyzing features.

Judicial Mobile App Development

We also hold proficiency in developing reliable and responsive mobile apps for law offices with robust security features such as data backup, encryption, and remote location.

Litigation Support Software

We program custom e-discovery software tools required in processing data, review, and production and can develop TIFF load files.

Legal Firm Billing Software Solutions

We also present bill preparation applications with lower retainer fee notifications and integrated payment methods.

Legal Firms Analytics software

We work on developing program analytics features to evaluate client satisfaction and maintenance of your goodwill and acquire new cases and customers.

Why choose us ?

  1.   We bestow our customers, basically the ones associated with law firms, with effective and reliable judicial management software and integrated solutions.
  2.   Our expert team of professionals is highly potential to customize services based on the requirements of the businesses.
  3.   Our positively tailored solutions are rich with operative efficiency, and compliance principles and allow us to make smart decisions in an affordable manner.
  4.   Our client portal is safe and our associated web developer helps the clients to create web-based legal management software inculcating the relevant communication tools and online payment systems. We guarantee the security and privacy of confidential and critical client data.
  5.   Our team works effectively to develop file storage solutions, cloud-based solutions along with synchronization, judicial custom solutions, PDF conversion features, and so on.
  6.   We possess a great deal of experience in Microsoft technologies and mobile technologies and various other technologies and platforms as well as judicial development services and customized software.